Are you tired of the wait in the shower for hot water? Ask about our hot water re-circulation system that will have your hot water to your shower in seconds. Just think about the waste of water going down the drain and saturating your septic fill that will eventually cost you thousands of dollars in repairs to your septic system. And if you are on sewer, the water that passes through your shower drain into your sewer is like running money down your drain. Ask about our tankless water heaters we have some of the best prices in the plumbing field. Do you have natural gas? Let me see if I can save you money on your natural gas bill. Being a licensed master plumber for over 20 years, I have saved alot of my customers money on their bills.

We provide the following services:

  • Septic tank maintenance.
  • Septic tank repair.
  • Septic tank installation.
  • Plumbing repair.
  • Kitchen plumbing.
  • Plumbing faucet repair.
  • Kitchen sink repair.
  • Emergency plumbing.
  • Workmans comp.
  • General liability insurance.

Before you call another plumbing company, call Smitty the drain surgeon. There are alot of plumbers but only one drain surgeon looks forward to doing business with you.

We have a long line of plumbing products offered. Smitty will personally allow you to purchase your materials through his personal plumbing account at his discounted rate that has been established since 1988. I will pass this savings onto my customers during this trying economical times.

Call Plumbing Distributors Inc. at 770-963-9231 and ask to speak to Sandra Sims. She will be glad to speak to you personally and answer all your questions that you have about our products that we sell through the largest family owned and operated plumbing company in the state of GA.